admin on August 1st, 2008

Macro is another world, when I see the cute small things with their activity, it really can make me thinking how amazing they are.

The way I take macro photography is limited to the tools I have. I have Canon 30D camera and 90mm Thamron lens. I seldom use flash, only depend on natural light.

The most important for macro photography is your eyes, you need to observe and pay attention more, sometime you will miss them, actually they are really close to you. the good things is you make like a point of view of your place that you want to observe, like a square meter of your garden. then you will observe this place carefully, always keep on searching, and also keep your eyes to observe something moving. Cause some insect can do camouflage.

I seldom use flash, but ideally will need macro flash. The main reason for me, the price of the flash tool and also quite complicated to bring all this equipment. The other things I seldom use tripod, most of the macro shoot I will do hand held.

Here is the tip and trick

  • Keep focus, try to observe more and keep your eyes open, be aware on small moving things
  • understand your camera and lens, how long is the minimal distance to focus, ISO setting, aperture setting
  • try to compose them, insect is not so fast you still able to get closer and make some composition, make another angle that mostly photographer haven’t used.
  • for take the flying insect like butterfly or bee, try to use the continues shoot mode, even for me I prefer use the one-shoot mode.
  • keep shooting, and trying to shoot more and more, you will use to it with your camera, then you will feel like when you using your camera like you use your eyes and hand. it will become unity with your brain.
  • be patient and try to observe more, you can get some amazing photos of their act.