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Kicau Burung is one of the Indonesian words that means The Song of the Birds. Kicau burung is the way I express my passion of nature through photography.

I’m just a messenger that documented all the art of nature that God’s created, using my words and my photos I try to describe how amazing this world and how amazing God’s love.

From these photos I see a real David. A very observance, simple and someone who like peaceful life” I got those words from someone that just know me at that time, and now become my life partner.

I’ve spent almost my weekend to explore new places of nature, forests, national parks, rivers and mountains, beach and seas with  my camera, my wide lens and macro lens also the telephoto lens. I like small creatures, they are very cute, colorful butterflies and also birds.

After I purchased my new long lens Canon 400mm F5.6 on May 2008, I started to spend more time for birding. I like birds because of I can feel freedom when seeing them. They can fly any where they want, as simple like that.

In this website, I try to document what I took from nature. I made the list of the birds, butterflies, bugs and also later the places that I’ve visited. I hope this list can make the visitor easier to see the collection I’ve taken.

Here is the list:

I would like to say thanks to God, my Parents, and also my friends that encourage me to start this photography and also sharing their knowledge about photography, and for my lovely one that always become my traveling partner. I still remember that every time we saw the bird, and she tries to help me to change the lens to telephoto lens, then after that the bird’s gone. Hahaha…
“Dear, thanks so much for your support and patient while waiting me take all the these photos”.

All these photos is under copyright license, if you need to use the photo or buy the photo  you can contact me by email.

Please visit my other website to see more collections of photos: David Wirawan Photography.

08 August 2008,

David Wirawan

Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints.

Yesterday is history,
Tomorrow is mistery,
Today is anniversary.

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